Design is one big creative challenge. What do I want to express through a design? What story do I want to tell? I want people to look at my work and understand its meaning without explanation.

My graphic design work ranges from simplistic to intricate. I rely on my drawing skills when rendering a design. I challenge myself and see how much I can communicate with simple forms, as I tend to focus on more detailed work. My goal is to leave an impression and communicate what is needed in the design. Experimentation is what I enjoy most when tackling a project. I try not to limit myself in how I render my work. Watercolor, charcoal, and using textures are some techniques I incorporate when executing a design.

Research is a key word whenever I tackle any design project. Understanding the story behind a subject is one of the most important things when designing. I find inspiration in museums, galleries, libraries, and online databases. I not only hope to gain more knowledge on a subject, but find new ways of seeing things. Subjects are always up to interpretation of the artist or designer. I look through what has been done and ask myself, “What can I do differently?”

As a part of my process, I start drawing many sketches of an idea before I transfer them to the computer. I scan in images, tweak them in the computer, then print them out to retrace and adjust some more. This gives me flexibility in how I work.